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File: AdvancedIconSelector05-17-13
trade_ icons?
Posted By: cudgel
First: Awesome work, perfect thing to replace in the default UI! Thanks! Second: Any reason I can't find the tradeskill icons, as listed here: http://www.wowpedia.org/Category:WoW_Icons:_Trade I'm trying to call them out by name, no luck. Everything else I know the name for I can find, but not the damned professions. These...
File: qMinimap11-13-10
Excellent work, just one problem...
Posted By: cudgel
Excellent work! Could you upload it in a .zip format, as opposed to .rar, so mmoui minion can actually install it? Thanks!
File: PhanxChat06-24-10
Originally posted by keLston As i...
Posted By: cudgel
Originally posted by keLston As it stands, Blizzard's default color by class doesn't seem to actually color anyone by class until you actually /who the person so everything comes out as just white text (or i'm doing it wrong, I have all of the checkboxes for Show Class Colors checked) and with nothing being noticeably differentiate...
File: aTotemBar04-13-10
ButtonFacade Support?
Posted By: cudgel
Does this AddOn support ButtonFacade? If not, could it?