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File: ViksUI04-19-18
Raid frame looks
Posted By: Vykrion
Hey! Just letting you know that I really like this UI but would love to tweak the way my raid frame looks. Trying to heal with only tiny number showing on the frame isnt cutting it for me. Is there a way to change it with the bar going from right to left, like its emptying? Not sure if you get it... With hopes to hear from ya...
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)05-25-13
i knew i forgot something fixed...
Posted By: Vykrion
i knew i forgot something fixed in this build im about to upload Sweet thanks a lot :)
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)05-24-13
Loot Specialization options not available
Posted By: Vykrion
Hi! I've been using your UI for a while and I love it. Since 5.3 though I can't get the loot specialization when I right click my portrait. Is there a reason for that? Thanks Vykrion
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)04-25-13
you havent followed the instruction...
Posted By: Vykrion
you havent followed the instructions: Now open up Gnosis with /gnosis and select create options. Expand Gnosis (the little + in the addon list) and go to "Configurations". Once there select "Standard" and press all the buttons that say "Load..." (dont hit Update or Remove). the bold part is needed for the options to appear :)...
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)04-24-13
Gnosis table not created
Posted By: Vykrion
Hi, first of all I want to say thank you for the UI. Now my issue is that when I installed the UI everything worked fine when I followed your step by step guide up until I arrived at the gnosis part. Here's what happen: http://i1295.photobucket.com/albums/b635/thegreatduke/WoWScrnShot_042413_220347_zpsf9bbbf0e.jpg Can you...