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File: Qulight UI01-13-15
Re: Embed
Posted By: madcatjf
How do embed skada in bottom right chat? I see it embedded in the screenshots but for some reason cannot find the option. And how do you move the loot/trade chat to the right chat box? everything is on my left chat box. i know you can unlock and move it but it doesnt fit in there right. thanks! With this package alone, skada...
File: thek: Buttonskin02-10-12
Yet sure bug report
Posted By: madcatjf
I would to say thanks to you for bring us this light-weighted simple addon before I come up with the question. This addon fits my preference perfectly. I found something which I am not sure if it is a bug or not. When you are using this addon with a DK, you may find that you can not tell which face you are currently using unless you...