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File: Carbonite BETA VERSION07-13-13
Posted By: mowzzia
For some reason, carbonite now counts any naga killed in zangamarsh as the leader, leading to Fyashe killed 6/1 etc. (for the quest Kill the leaders, from Cenarion Post). My carbonite had so many issues in zangamarsh that I ended up turning it off :/ quests wouldn't count progress or pretended to be divas and not wanting to get turne...
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION06-18-13
minimap buttons
Posted By: mowzzia
is it at all possible to have the calendar, map & clock buttons remain on the minimap, rather than in the button window? I may not need to watch all the fubars, but it's nice to know what time it is etc ;)
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION03-06-13
tracking hud
Posted By: mowzzia
you used to be able to put the arrow on top of the text by typing in a negative x value. I realise this is mainly a cosmetic concern, but I really miss it, surprisingly hehe. can it be restored?
File: Clique09-06-12
trying again
Posted By: mowzzia
nothing ticked under general options. frame blacklist, ticked everything bar grid units. everything ticked under blizz frame. in the clique interfacehttp://imgur.com/30Ifs as you see, greater healing wave is bound twice to same bind, otherwise it doesnt work in Elespec. 1 bound while in resto 1 bound while in ele. all the other s...
File: Clique09-04-12
Bug report
Posted By: mowzzia
version 50001-1.0.1 I've used clique for a looong time now and I've never had problems with it previously. I play a resto shaman, os ele, I've never used the "1spec 1 clique set" to diferentiate between the two as I primarily use the addon for healing. I've previously had it set up to ignore all blizzard frames and thus only wor...