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File: QuestGuru08-15-09
Another Option?
Posted By: Silvermane10
Anyone got an optional Mod to use, since this mods taking time to get working again?
File: QuestGuru08-05-09
New Error?
Posted By: Silvermane10
Message: Interface\AddOns\QuestGuru\QuestGuru.lua:2590: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Time: 08/05/09 11:23:50 Count: 1 Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\QuestGuru\QuestGuru.lua:2590: in function `QuestGuru_UpdateQuestsDB' Interface\AddOns\QuestGuru\QuestGuru.lua:715: in function
File: MailTo_20003_fanupdate08-05-09
3.2 Update?
Posted By: Silvermane10
Was hoping this might get an update. Also, I'd like to ask if there's any chance that the extra window that opens when Trading/Mailing/etc., could be turned off in the options... Or, better yet, make a smaller version ;) that allows for the Right click of items to be traded / mailed, and the drop-down names-menu with the mailbox....