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File: GetLink02-12-07
Re: How to configure the Bot?
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Originally posted by Matrix110 Hi there, i love using GetLink and the GetLink Bot. With the new version though it wont work. Its enabled and all GetLink itself is working. but if i configure the bot to use !item = /gl bot trigger !item It wont work :-( I tried setting it in many different ways /gl bot trigger
File: IME (Input Method Editor)01-26-07
Originally posted by Xaero Is it...
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Originally posted by Xaero Is it possible to make it work with specific characters (,). I tried to convert to э and to ю, but failed. Or is it possible to accept 2 characters? For ex : je for э and ju for ю. The way the addon is coded, it's unfortunately not possible to use two letter combinations...
File: IME (Input Method Editor)01-24-07
Added right click to reset locale t...
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Added right click to reset locale to default ^^
File: Junk!01-24-07
Originally posted by Cat Does it...
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Originally posted by Cat Does it sells quest's greys? Like Darkmoon Faire stuff? Darkmoon items are whites.
File: Junk!01-23-07
Autorepair as in how? That already...
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Autorepair as in how? That already has a one-click button :P Unless you want it to repair as soon as a repair-enabled vendor window is opened. That's doable. I'll do it now, defaulted to off, as well as autovendoring your junk.
File: GetLink09-05-06
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: okay enough Re:
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Originally posted by Fin Ah! That'll teach me to read descriptions properly. Actually it probably won't, but I do apologise for my incorrect assumptions! Cheers, - Fin No worries :P Also, to anyone who used 3.11 while it was still up, 3.12 has a whole different SavedVariables thingermajig, so you'd need to delete them ma...
File: GetLink09-04-06
no GUI
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I'm not very well for GUIs, they're generally the biggest part of mods and one would definitely be much bigger than the base of GetLink altogether. However, to retain the lightweight searching capabilities along with a GUI for personal searching, try using the aforementioned "Ludwig."
File: GetLink09-04-06
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I was wondering why it updated it instantly, must have been a bug or something. Anyway, I need to upload a fix for a formatting error, so hopefully this works =p
File: GetLink09-03-06
Re: Er...
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Originally posted by Fin Isn't this just a renamed version of Tuller's Ludwig - ? Ludwig is an item link database mod based on GetLink. Ludwig is not dependent on saved variables, and doesn't require the user to do anything special in order to collect data. Nope.
File: GetLink04-05-06
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Apologies for the lack of updates or replies - the mod is pretty simple by nature ;) Anyways, I've been doing a lot of work on it in my guild - mostly a feature to request links without the mod via !getlink and !gl. The code got messy, so I remade it, added a few more searching features. Going to have 2 seperate mods now - GetLin...
File: SpelloutMacro02-26-06
Originally posted by Gello Intere...
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Originally posted by Gello Interesting. On my priest it shows the highest rank. Shadow Protection shows 60 resist, SW:P shows 942 shield, Renew shows 810hp/tick. All the L60 versions. It did for both 1.0 and 1.1. It goes by the assumption that each instance of a spell in a spellbook is the next higher rank. Maybe it doesn't...
File: SpelloutMacro02-22-06
Close, but no cigar
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I was just looking for a mod like this and I saw it on WoWI's index; wonderful. Only one problem, that I suppose doesn't plague warriors and rogues as your spells are always the up-to-date rank, but for ranked spells, it only shows rank 1. For example, a macro called "Drain Life" will show the Drain Life tooltip, but for rank 1; not...
File: GetLink11-25-05
Originally posted by Duglum hmmm....
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Originally posted by Duglum hmmm.. this is interesting. But how does it work? It does not seem to save data in its own lua file.. and i was not able to get any items from the search that i did not see before (tested using a fresh client with a lvl 1 char). Does it use the itemcache.wdb? Is every item i ever saw while playing...