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File: Dominos01-18-10
Shaman Totem Bar:
Posted By: Arindox
On my level 28 shaman, I have a ton of totems that I would like to use, and at level 30, I get the shaman spell that throws out 4 totems specified on the totem bar. Well, The totem bar is "gone". I see no option in my Dominos Menu that enables it, So I am considering tossing the addon. If there is a solution, Please let me know....
File: X-Perl UnitFrames08-05-09
Bad things with this addon
Posted By: Arindox
I am getting a "TON" of errors. Page 1/5 and I can't figure out what any of it means. Please reply, if someone would like to see some of the errors. If it may help with configuring the whole thing, then great. But, so far, I cant seem to be able to even see anything come up on the X-Perl panel where the Party, and my bar's should be....