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File: WiseEclipse11-23-09
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This addons functionality has been nurfed out in the latest PTR client. Eclipse: This effect will not activate again within 15 seconds of either type of Eclipse effect firing, in addition to the existing 30-second cooldown for each type of Eclipse.
File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)05-30-09
Thanks for the update Ooze! If i...
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Thanks for the update Ooze! If it's already possible to use spell id's instead of names, wouldn't it be better to pull the icons from those id's? Problem is that it shows a "?" if i switch speccs because the spell is removed from the spellbook. From what i understand pulling it from spellid still works though. A workaround might...
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu09-02-06
Originally posted by Jayhawk - ad...
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Originally posted by Jayhawk - added support to show last used skill when reloading wee sweet stuff, any chance on getting that into the light version? :)
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu09-01-06
Re: click to select?
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no thats working as intended afaik. you can also leftclick the button to bring up the last tradewindow selected in that session. Originally posted by yacoob As there don't seem to be a "bug list", I post it here. Should there be a possibility to click on the skill in the tooltip, in order to show its window? The only place I can...
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu08-28-06
would it be possible to save the "l...
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would it be possible to save the "last tradeskill used as left click on fubar" cross sessions? it got a 50% hit chance to not use the right click menu then for most i guess on the first use per session. and/or be able to set a sticky profession based per toon so you always have to use the right click menu for other tradeskills. g...
File: Buffwatch++07-20-06
Buffwatch can also be useful for ra...
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Buffwatch can also be useful for raid leaders to check important buffs are on certain players before continuing, eg. Blessing of Salvation on your healers. i loled :)