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File: DBM-Archaeology03-30-11
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Thanks for putting this out. My wife dug the sounds(she's an archaeology fan) and was hoping this would be split off after it was removed from DBM.
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Originally posted by totalpackage InFlight already does that. I believe I just need to figure if an event fires when someone does land. Seems to be fixed, now. Took a trip from Astranaar to Auberdine, then back, while tabbed out both ways. Registers the correct flight time both ways.(Or, at least, not an exaggerated time!) Not...
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Originally posted by ToolPunk I have all the FPs and when I landed the bar only filled a third of the way to the 16mins and the time didnt change everytime I fly it says 16mins and the bar only fills a third of the way. If you Alt-Tab out of WoW during flight, the timer won't stop until you tab back in. Might not be the case, b...