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File: Faceroller12-03-09
is the frame supposed to be click through?
Posted By: cerebus13
As the subject states I'm curious if the frame is supposed to be click through or if I am encountering some buggy behavior. If I target a hostile the frame pops up as normal but I cannot click through it to the screen behind to do any sort of mouse driven camera movement. When I clear my target and the frame disappears then I can...
File: Power Auras Classic12-21-08
strange timer bug
Posted By: cerebus13
I have a timer on an Ability Usable power so it simply counts down the cooldown time on the power until it is ready to be used again. The first time after I use the power, and thus trigger the timer, I found a bug. The timer will appear briefly every time I trigger a global cooldown, counting down from 1 second and then disappearin...