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File: Chinchilla Minimap06-12-12
Stuff won't move!
Posted By: Irihime
Hi, I'd really like to enjoy this Addon; but for some reason the position feature doesn't work for me. I try to move the minimap with the Horizontal/Vertical bar and nothing changes, and if I try to click and drag it move as it should but when I release the button it pings back to the top corner (and anything else I've moved around g...
File: rBuffFrame06-26-11
Lil' help?
Posted By: Irihime
Howdy! I've been using this addon for a long while now and I love it! However as of late my buffs aren't appearing where they should be. I think it has something to do with me installing Titan Panel because it worked perfectly fine before but not after the installation. The site's not letting me upload a screenshot so I'll des...
File: BadBoy_Levels: Filter Whispers By Level01-24-11
Badboy_Levels [Missing]
Posted By: Irihime
Hi, firstly I absolutely love this addon. For a long since I've been using it, I consider it my naked addon - I mean to say that if I ever need to run around without addons, Badboy always remains with me. Basically I refuse to play without this addon. Thank you so much for this wonderful addon - you've saved my guild and myself a bun...
File: Numeration Damage Meter01-12-11
Re: Re: Question1
Posted By: Irihime
Thank you so much! The perfect answer! I very much appreciate the fast response and you taking time out of your day to answer me! Have a great one and good luck with you endevours! :D
File: Numeration Damage Meter01-10-11
Posted By: Irihime
Hi there, loving this addon so far! Thank you so much for it! I'm only having 1 simple vanity issue with it for the moment, I've looked through the comments but couldn't see a comment that looked like my issue (if it has already been posted I apologise). The addons title's (where it says Damage, or Heals for example) background is...
File: Yay Mounts10-30-10
Posted By: Irihime
Hi there, for a start this addon seems like a very good idea, I love how you've placed Scaling Mounts in their own seperate tab (Like the Celestial Steed and the Touring Rocket). Since this is a Beta I thought I'd post what I've found so far. When I type /ym I get the following message in my chatbox: YayMounts: nil I don't kno...
File: ncUI11-24-09
Posted By: Irihime
Hey, for a start. I LOVE this UI. Its simple, beautiful and most important minimal. However, since downloading it to my wow its not looking so pretty at all. I have no idea how you change the settings, so I am asking for help. I'll provide a screenshot. http://i593.photobucket.com/albums/tt13/Cancersstar_Jayla/WoWScrnShot_112409_...
File: BlizzardTweaks11-23-09
Posted By: Irihime
Love your addon, i love the flexibility in it, and my screen looks clearer than ever. I only have 1 problem, and that is my micro bar. I use Bartender4 to move about my bars, and when i move my micro bar to the top it seems to disapear whenever i do something (look at map, reload ui, logout/in). the only way i can get it to appear ag...
File: rMinimap09-28-09
Hi, I love the minimap and adore ho...
Posted By: Irihime
Hi, I love the minimap and adore how zoomed out it is. However, i somehow managed to zoom right in the minimap and was unable to zoom back out. Could you tell me how to zoom in/out should i make this mistake again? ^^;; Thank you very much, and thank you very much for the amazing UI :)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)09-05-09
Posted By: Irihime
Originally posted by zork Wtf...I double checked this before uploading but I still managed to upload the wrong version. Fixed the default config setup. Movability is not active by default. TY for the update, but I noticed you didnt add the original Blizzard addons in this new update. I've added them in myself from my interfaceb...
File: NoPlayerFrames08-09-09
Posted By: Irihime
This addon seems like a really good idea for when am just messing about on my character and not doing anything serious :) thanks
File: Party's Over08-09-09
Posted By: Irihime
Is there any addon which removes your own unitframe at all times? rahter than your parties unit frame. thanks
File: rBottomBarStyler08-09-09
Posted By: Irihime
Just downloaded and followed all of the steps and i have to say it looks AMAZING! Definetely the best UI to date :) My only problem is since i have the orbs my profile image is useless to me now, is there any way to hide it? Thanks again for this wonderful creation :)