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File: !Beautycase03-24-12
Ok I've tested it with kgPanels now...
Posted By: Aanson
Ok I've tested it with kgPanels now. When you have active the config mode, your frame cannot have a name because there is a frame over your frame (these turquoise frame for resizeing, moving etc). So to get the panel name lock your panel (enable mouseclicks) and try the FrameName macro. As result you should get "kgPanel1"...
File: Raven01-09-12
Posted By: Aanson
Hey Tojaso. Sorry to fire another question your way. You seem to get loads! I'm not sure if you use Carbonite or if you've had any dealings with it, but I have the Carbonite minimap on the top right of my screen (frame name "NxMap1") and I have a scripted kgpanel button which opens and closes it. I would like to have my Raven...
File: WhatGives12-28-11
Posted By: Aanson
This is an amazing idea mate! The simple ones can often be the best. Just posting here because I second the idea about specific border colours depending on where the stat comes from (Gem, Enchant, enhancement, Reforge etc). Please try to steer clear of stat quality colours though. Easily confused, me!
File: Intrepid UI - kgPanels Art12-28-11
Posted By: Aanson
Looking at the screenshot this looks brilliant! The border you're using in particular looks great. I'm at work just now so can't download your set right now but I'm desperate to ask... is the border included in your download? Thanks, Hugh.
File: MoveAnything11-08-11
Hello there! Firstly I should sa...
Posted By: Aanson
Hello there! Firstly I should say that this addon is amazing. My interface would be non existant if it wasn't for this addon! I was wondering though, is it possible using MoveAnything, to change the parent frame of a frame, as well as the anchor frame? I'm trying to have a small 2 button action bar pop up only when Merchant...
File: Raven08-29-11
Posted By: Aanson
Well I hope other users of Raven follow suit and send something to show their appreciation. I know how long it must take for you to do all this, and I'm sure that everyone knows that you share this amazing addon with other users and answer their questions for no other reason than out of kindness.
File: Raven08-27-11
Posted By: Aanson
I've seen a couple of authors express their frustration about paypal and donations. Is that your preferred method or would you prefer a direct transfer or something? Hugh
File: DropCount08-16-11
Hey! Great addon! Just wanted t...
Posted By: Aanson
Hey! Great addon! Just wanted to know though. Is there a way to remove the minimap button? Thanks :)
File: Raven08-16-11
At last! I can speak to you!
Posted By: Aanson
Hey Tomber! I downloaded Raven a couple of months back from Curse. Because Curse Client logs me in automatically I've forgotten my password so couldn't log in to the site to post a comment! Firstly just want to say... what an unbeatable addon! If we all had a 1 addon limit, this would defo be the one I keep. I love how clean a...
File: kgPanels08-12-11
My Layouts have disappeared!!!
Posted By: Aanson
Hey there. After 4.2, my profile has vanished! I've tried going into the interface to activate it, but none of the Layouts that I had before are there any more :confused: I spent literally days on my Layout. I didn't call it any specific name, and it just auto loaded whenever I loaded up any characters (even on other servers)....
File: Ion: Menu Bar08-06-09
Thanks for the fix...
Posted By: Aanson
...however, I am but a lowly civil servant! Where do I put all that code! Ty