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File: Button Forge08-01-10
Posted By: DDjusD
Okay, at first I was a little sketchy at trying out a new Action Bar add-on, but this is just amazing. I like the ability to have high customization ability, scale control, button per bar control, and row control all in one. This is by far the best Action Bar add-on in World of Warcraft history! Most Action Bar add-ons give a max amo...
File: Better Outbox10-10-09
feature request
Posted By: DDjusD
I would love it if you added a feature to send to all guild members feature because I am the person who sends off all mail and messages to guild members but there 261 members which is why I would love this feature.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)10-10-09
how do I get the hud
Posted By: DDjusD
ok what drew me to this addon was the picture that showed it in hud form how do I do that?
File: Class and Creature type Artwork09-16-09
Posted By: DDjusD
do you have any idea of an LUA line that I can change to fix the annoying white health bar
File: RaidFramesPlus09-15-09
I was wondering why the frames were...
Posted By: DDjusD
I was wondering why the frames were not showing even though I was in a raid I was gunna make sure they work but they don;t show and I spent 20mins trying to get the frames to show but I can't find a button to click to make them auto show, make them show from draging one out but nothing works please tell me how to make these show.
File: oUF_Diablo09-04-09
yea on Xperl I was removing player...
Posted By: DDjusD
yea on Xperl I was removing player frame and I had just created that toon as an image dummy but yea the player frames doesnt show on my real druid, mage, shaman, or warlock. I only use Xperl for the raid/party frames and the neat setup. I would use your unit frames just I like being able to change things around easily when I feel lik...
File: Bartender408-21-09
Posted By: DDjusD
ok I have a few suggestions, I use this bar addon because it is awesome, first can you make it so we can name action buttons like how a macro works showing the name at the button of the button, add cooldown numbers like the addon "Cooldowns" and also add range coloring where buttons get colored a specific color when out of range kind...
File: Baud Bag (Fan Update)08-09-09
did it?
Posted By: DDjusD
ok I use Baud Bag and would like to know does this fix the minor bug that happends when you visit you personal bank? (The bug isnt really a bug it is just where the Baud Bag bank and normal bank show up at the same time.)
File: Status Window 208-09-09
Posted By: DDjusD
hey I use this addon and what really pisses me off is while I am scrolling down trying to choose what to put in one of the windows it closes really fast, is there any way I can make it not close the little scrollable window as fast?
File: Hearthman08-06-09
just asking
Posted By: DDjusD
hey I found this addon, it works in 3.2 and I would just like to know could you update it and also can u make it have a scale because the coords on it are kinda blurred
File: SmoothDurability08-06-09
just wondering
Posted By: DDjusD
ok I like the addon and all, I will use it but I am wondering does it work with chinchilla?