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File: rBottomBarStyler07-28-11
Are the rBBs, and Roth UI compatibl...
Posted By: Caeniix25
Are the rBBs, and Roth UI compatible with Version 3.3.5a? I loaded both and neither seem to be showing up at all. I was just wondering if they only work with Version 4.x.x of WoW.
File: oUF_Diablo04-16-11
Posted By: Caeniix25
I was wondering if it was possible to change the galaxy images. The backgrounds are neat but I want the glowing and more fluid-like motion for the orbs. Is it possible to change the images of the galaxies themselves?
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-14-11
I think this addon, along with the...
Posted By: Caeniix25
I think this addon, along with the other addons you've made, is absolutely amazing. I was using the rBottomBarStyler, and I thought that was the greatest thing in the world. I am glad you made this addon because it lets me totally alter the Diablo style UI. I even changed the color of the orbs to suit my fancy.Everything is great, I...
File: rBottomBarStyler06-02-10
Posted By: Caeniix25
I have had this addon for a while, it is the best addon out there. Anyway, I had this addon way back when the orbs had that glowing texture, I understand that Blizzard got rid of that texture and now you are working with the galaxies. Is it possible to have the glowing effect? I mean, has Blizzard added the textures back? I definitel...
File: NPCScan03-13-10
I just installed the whole addon, I...
Posted By: Caeniix25
I just installed the whole addon, I started up Wow and I can't even get the interface up. I type /npcscan and I get nothing. Idk what the problems is or why the interface doesn't seem to want to work for me. Please help.
File: QuestHelper02-17-10
Broken Questhelper
Posted By: Caeniix25
This is the error message I got after getting an achievement that seems bugged. Questhelper now no longer works for me because of it. Even after I re-added it to my addon folder. Please help. msg: Assertion Failed toc: 1.3.10 v: 1.3.10 game: 3.2.2 locale: enUS timestamp: 2010-02-17 20:36:23 mutation: nil silent: false...
File: rBottomBarStyler08-22-09
The best of the best!
Posted By: Caeniix25
I absolutely love this addon. I have been looking for a way for my health and mana meters to be orbs and this is the absolute best I have found. I love the Diablo games and this addon sparked my interest like you wouldn't imagine. My favorite is the Diablo 3 settings, the orb graphics are amazing and so is the bottom bar graphics. Al...