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Re: Re: Not adding guild members
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Originally posted by Softrix This is an odd one which none has had an issue with both in my guild and various friends on the server. First thing to try is log off World of Warcraft and delete the saved settings file found in C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\\SavedVariables\ called Peace.l...
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Not adding guild members
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Hello, First off great addon. But I'm having an issue. Everything seems to work correctly except it won't allow guild members to send whispers until / unless I add or whisper them first. I have tried opening the social window and guild to no avail. Friends list auto-added properly and if I whisper people they are added correctl...
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@ Cococalm "This MOD is one that...
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@ Cococalm "This MOD is one that promotes intollerance and discrimination." In my opinion the in-game "/ignore" is far more guilty of this. /focus Ne0nguy Great addon ! This addon actually gave me more room on my desk. No more notebook with this sort of info in the way and finding the information is so much faster....