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File: Quick Auctions 301-02-10
Selling items in stacks of 20
Posted By: nino
Hello. This addon is great! I used to put things up the old fashioned way until I found this gem:D. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into this. The one thing I cannot figure out is how to sell something (say, a stack of 20 flasks) without it either undercutting by a huge amount or pricing it in the thousands. If a...
File: Ghost: Pulse 312-11-09
Sword and Board!
Posted By: nino
Hello! Gonna keep this somewhat sort and easy to follow. 1. Sword and Board would be a player buff right? I simply made a new frame called Cooldowns and checked off Player Buff Gains/Player Spell Cooldowns. Is this right? 2. What the heck are these conditions? :P (maybe transparency is a condition?) 3. The old GP used to a...
File: Prat 3.008-09-09
Great addon. I've had a problem for...
Posted By: nino
Great addon. I've had a problem for quite some time (maybe around the Naxx era when LK first came out) where I cannot resize my windows. They stay the same size for every character I make. I have installed the most recent version of Prat but it still occurs. Any idea as to why this happens? Thanks for any help!