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File: TourGuide01-11-11
Dead Addon?
Posted By: Laochra
Is it now safe to assume that TourGuide has met its untimely demise? If so, anyone have suggestions for a replacement?
File: KgPanels Art10-31-10
Swirls Not Showing UP
Posted By: Laochra
When I open up any of the swirls in kgPanels, I see the swirls in the background, but there is no actual full background color. Am I doing something wrong?
File: ToolTipAnchor09-23-10
This would be MUCH simpler, if I co...
Posted By: Laochra
This would be MUCH simpler, if I could just drag and drop the tooltip box to a location. Then, simply lock it in place.
File: Simple Soulstone07-19-10
Posted By: Laochra
Please add LDB support!!!
File: CurrencyTrackFu10-16-09
Can You Add BoJ to the Fubar Menu
Posted By: Laochra
Hi, I know I don't use them on my main much, but I do use them for alts. Can we have them added as an optional currency to track? Thanks.