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File: ElvUI_EmbedRight12-21-11
Re: Re: Skada window is huge lol
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If you're still having this problem with the v40300.6 and above, could you please provide me with a screenshot? -- Kodewulf Sure. The size doesn't seem the same, but you probably see what i'm talking about here... http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg2/gigster42876/WoWScrnShot_122111_111731.jpg
File: ElvUI_EmbedRight12-18-11
Skada window is huge lol
Posted By: fastlane
I've tried, but I can't get the skada window not to size to the entire width of my screen. I resize it, and upon relog, exact same thing. Anyone have an idea how to change that? :) Thanks for this mod btw!
File: %^& Off12-13-11
That's a great addon name...not to...
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That's a great addon name...not to mention it works and it's useful. Thanks!
File: Hermes12-11-11
Re: any update for 4.3?
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it seams to work fine but i got this errors Seriously doubt he cares. He just removed the addon altogether from curse it seems. It would be nice of him to let someone else continue development.
File: Equipped Average Item Level Tooltip12-07-11
I'm getting 382.12 for my item leve...
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I'm getting 382.12 for my item level when using the newest version as well. I have no mogged gear. So i'm not so sure that is causing an issue honestly. As I scroll over a random player, most have whacky numbers that don't represent the actual ilvl (I can tell generally by inspecting them, if the number is like 100 off). I'm sorr...
File: Minimap Button Frame06-01-11
Reset Position or something?
Posted By: fastlane
I installed and get no frame anywhere, with all other addons turned off. I can access the options window, but nothing in there makes a frame appear. Any help would be great.
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant12-30-10
Originally posted by Warlock82 Re...
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Originally posted by Warlock82 Really don't like the new styles. Way too big and flashy and they take up way too much screen space. I miss the old versions :( What are you doing that you need a lot of screen space lol? Not like you can arch in a heroic. Just turn it off when you need screen space. Nothing like being a je...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant12-30-10
I'm just stopping by to say I love...
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I'm just stopping by to say I love the new look. It's far more polished now, and thank god for the double right click feature lol.
File: NugComboBar10-22-10
I found out what happened. Curse u...
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I found out what happened. Curse updater installed a old version, sorry to have bothered ya Odd, but yesterday's update seems to have broken nug for me. It doesn't show up on-screen, nor can the /ncb commands be used. The addon is loaded according to addon control panel. Any ideas?
File: MyBuffz08-30-10
This is working great. Nice and li...
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This is working great. Nice and light and simple too. Great Job on the addon!
File: OmniCC Beta08-30-10
I was having the same issue with do...
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I was having the same issue with dominos (bar addon) and turning down min font setting does fix it for me. Thanks for that, it was driving me crazy lol
File: Sindi Addon (Renaissance Version)08-30-10
What does it do?
Posted By: fastlane
Am I missing something, or is there no clear description of what this addon is for?
File: Simple Buff Bars04-24-10
Almost a year
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It's been almost a year of using this addon with the author expressing the known bug of poisons and such not showing up. I guess i'm done with sbb. Though I like the mod, it is getting too aggravating to use imo. Wish I knew of a replacement that was close to this one. Good luck with the mod in the future.
File: TipTac12-22-09
skill tip
Posted By: fastlane
So I used to have the skills when you mouse over them on your hotbars set to an anchor to the right. Since 3.3 I can't seem to get this to happen. Was that functionality removed for some reason? My skills also now only show the skill name with no other info on the tooltip...
File: BadBoy_CCleaner: Filter Crap From Chat10-09-09
The only spam I ever see anymore is...
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The only spam I ever see anymore is for the susanexpress.com website. Any way of blocking that?
File: Trix - Tricks of the Trade Manager08-11-09
"TrixAIO is an all-in-one macro"
Posted By: fastlane
The "TrixAIO is an all-in-one macro" part of this addon doesn't seem to work for me. I try it with and without a focus target, and still nothing happens when I use that macro. No error messages either, or I would post the info, sry.