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File: EventHorizon09-15-09
solution to the problem regarding the spells that are shown
Posted By: docmidnight
how to reproduce 1 go into one spec 2 call /ehz then again to hide it 3 /ehz 4 respec to a different spec 4 /ehz result: the eventhorizon has the data for your first spec. the only way to allow eventhorizon to see your new spells is to reloadui or respec again twice, which will empty your mana and cannot be done in comba...
File: Purgeatory08-14-09
I just like it for pve mainly, I al...
Posted By: docmidnight
I just like it for pve mainly, I always find myself purging and interrupting without knowing what the spell does. Originally posted by Shadowed docmidnight: Don't see a point in it.
File: Purgeatory08-13-09
making it post the spell links instead of spell names
Posted By: docmidnight
hello. so I noticed: it is a small change to have the mod display the clickable spell links for the spells you are purging/interrupting etc. change line 134 in Purgeatory.lua from msg = string.gsub(msg, "*spell", spellName or "") to msg = string.gsub(msg, "*spell", GetSpellLink(spellID) or "")