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File: ButtonFacade_Nefs12-02-10
My current UI is using 1px borders,...
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My current UI is using 1px borders, and on more than just buttons. I found that "center" aligned frames with an odd width or height, needed to be positioned to the half pixel. -- My current buttons are all 31x31px, and so suffer from this problem quite dramatically. Odd numbered widths, or corner positioned frames, align proper...
File: SnowfallActionButton11-17-09
Perfect, Perfectly Perfect in every way!
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This is definitely "The Addon I've Been Looking Forô" -- The addon I've always wanted. I get all my cooldown information from my buttons, and trying to track things like DnD always irritated me since day 1 on my DK. Don't feel like my actionbar is going to give me a seizure anymore now, especially in Unholy Presence. Thank you for...
File: SnowfallRune09-28-09
Yay! I had modified the cooldown fr...
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Yay! I had modified the cooldown frame to hide the radial cooldown from showing by just making them rediculously small via: _G:SetScale(.01); Was going to post it here as a fix, and got distracted. Very happy with this rune display! Had Magicrunes set to look about like this, but without that nice grace period display, this...
File: TweakWoW05-28-09
Pitch Limit
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I am unaware if this is unique to me. A 90 degree pitch limit messes up my camera if I move it all the way up or down. Need my Pitchlimit to be 89. At 90, if I look all the way up or down, my camera is force faced east. O_o
File: DoTimer09-29-07
Prominence and Cooldowns/Dotimers
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Prominence is really handy for me. So very glad you added it. But I have a few things on it, which have both a duration AND a cooldown. But would like only one or the other to show. But at the moment I can only choose to hide/color both? Also, I chose to shiftclick to hide one of the items on prominence and found I had no wa...
File: TradeTabs03-02-07
Great Idea. Flawless Execution.
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Works perfectly, and is now saving me 3+ buttons on my bars on my characters.
File: Mecaire's Macrotexter02-23-07
Originally posted by Paks Out of...
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Originally posted by Paks Out of curiosity, if someone were using bars that were all 12-button bars, would the macrotexting work? Technically if you made your bars use the ORIGINAL interface's hotkeys, and used your barmod just for display, you could probably get this functinality to work with any barmod. I was using this tri...
File: Bagnon02-08-07
Re: Settings not getting saved?
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Originally posted by jackbrownii What I'm running into is that if I change settings, for example columns to 6 instead of the default 8, logout and back in, it goes back to the default settings. Something I'm missing? Thanks. - Jack Getting the same thing, although, if I ONLY change the settings for one character and leave...
File: Soundtrack03-10-06
Checked Forum didn't see a post so...
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Checked Forum didn't see a post so I'll give my idea here ^_^ Not sure how the game detects if you're stealthed off the top of my head, but I'd love to hear some spy music when stealthing about lol