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File: RaidCooldowns07-28-10
How would I add in the cooldoown fo...
Posted By: aflucero
How would I add in the cooldoown for Glyph of Guardian Spirit.
File: SwapBar07-22-10
I found this addon to be very usefu...
Posted By: aflucero
I found this addon to be very useful and does exactly what I want it to do, thank you for making it! Your addon by the way works flawlessly with my Tukui UI set up. As a minimalist I prefer addons that only use forward slash commands.
File: SerendipityBar05-06-10
Thank you for this Addon!
Posted By: aflucero
Thank you for this addon! I've use this in my priest UI for a few months now. I hope you will update it for Cataclysm to work with Chakura.:)
File: ForteXorcist12-01-09
Count down bar for DoTs
Posted By: aflucero
How about a count down bar for DoTs instead of the stacking DoT frame, that would really save screen space and look nicer.
File: Chicchai08-13-09
Keybind popup
Posted By: aflucero
Could you maybe add a way to key bind the popup so you don't have to mouse over the chat frame.