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File: Getting Things Healed03-06-10
Originally posted by Dagma /scrip...
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Originally posted by Dagma /script GTHData.announcechannel == "RAID"; GTH_Broadcast( false ); GTHData.announcechannel == "WHISPER"; GTH_Broadcast( false ); I'm not very good with scripting, but to me that looks like it should work, yet for some reason it doesn't :/ Edit: see this is why I hate scripting, apprently (at leas...
File: Getting Things Healed03-04-10
Is it possible, or would it be poss...
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Is it possible, or would it be possible to broadcast assignments multiple ways, namely in a channel and /whisper as well?
File: RatingBuster12-09-09
lol apparently Blizz hijacked /rb f...
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lol apparently Blizz hijacked /rb for their new Raid Browser tool. Better get used to typing /ratingbuster ;)