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File: Ion Action Bars08-29-17
Re: 7.3 issues
Posted By: teh_fixerer
Evidently keybinds are not working and neither is (left, center, right) clicking the ion icon on map or bar. I just clicked on buttons earlier. Clicking on buttons works. Keybind issue?? menu does not work if you click it. Encountering same issue.
File: Ion Action Bars01-03-16
Re: The State of ION
Posted By: teh_fixerer
Greetings & Happy Holidays! I just wanted to take a moment to give an update on the state of ION and its future. First off: ION has not been abandoned and is still being actively worked on. :) There was not much done with it lately and for that I apologize. The past year was somewhat crazy for me and ION got pushed to the b...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)07-20-15
Curable Debuff Icon bug for certain classes
Posted By: teh_fixerer
I have noticed that the Curable Debuff Icon options for player and party members are not present in the config. menu for some healing classes. For example it shows up fine for my gnome priest in both shadow and holy and also my druid healer, but is not there for my dwarf resto shaman nor my mist weaver monk. It is a rather mino...
File: Ion Action Bars09-25-14
Re: Ion WoD Upate
Posted By: teh_fixerer
Just a heads up that I've been working on a WoD update for Ion & the 4 additions (pet, menu, status, & bag) . I've got most of the load errors fixed and have been slowly fixing the other non on load bugs that I find. For the most part everything "appears" to be working. I just need to finish the work on how the bars handle mounts...
File: Ion Action Bars12-10-13
No one else have a 5.4.2 frame rate...
Posted By: teh_fixerer
No one else have a 5.4.2 frame rate issue ? I disable ION and it's ok... I Just tested and it seems like with this new patch something with Ion and the new patch or Ion and another addon is causing a huge framerate decrease. It was fine last patch.. but just now.. nto sur what is causing it.. any help would be great as its taki...
File: Ion Action Bars10-30-13
I can't even load up the menu or an...
Posted By: teh_fixerer
I can't even load up the menu or anything, none of the options work for me. I disabled every other addon to see if it was another addon messing with this one and it still did not work. I have downloaded the updated Ion and applicable "other files" (Menu Bar, Bag Bar, Pet Bar and Status Bars) since 5.4.1 was released. It appea...
File: Ion Action Bars04-09-13
Re: Re: Getting config menu to appear
Posted By: teh_fixerer
Using the game option to not drag accidentally in fights a button, nothing happen, why Ion block this feature... Ion dont have a option for that? im losing many fights my buttons accidentally removing them. There are a couple different ways to access Ion's bar locking options, but they do work and have several ways to setup a ho...
File: Ion Action Bars03-25-13
Re: Error with Ion
Posted By: teh_fixerer
So ive downloaded and tried version 3, 4 and 5 and all are giving me the same issue. I loved macaroon and am sad to see it gone, as it worked very well. Back to the point. Everytime I start wow I am able to see Ions new button bars. I shift click on the minimap symbol, or type /ion menu and the in game menu that pops up is a bl...
File: Ion Action Bars03-16-13
Any idea when the macro section cou...
Posted By: teh_fixerer
Any idea when the macro section could be working again? Is it me or can I not add macros to the buttons yet? Well I can, but the buttons dont react. Maybe its because there are no labels on the 3 buttons above? Is 1 of them for saving the macro? Screen looks like this: http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/8143/ionscreen.jpg Ri...
File: Ion Action Bars08-30-12
Bar Targets
Posted By: teh_fixerer
First of all.... Thanks Maul (and all the beta testers) for all your hard work on Ion. One of the features I relied on for my healers was having Bar Targets able to be selected based on Party1 etc, or a target's named I specified. This sped up creating and editing bars and improved my healing efficiency rather than relying on oth...