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File: MetaMap05-19-06
Something's wrong.
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Thanks for the quickfix mate, that'll do for now I guess.. I'm really starting to miss using maps :P
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu04-27-06
Cheers! Going to try it out now. If...
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Cheers! Going to try it out now. If the issue remains I'll edit this post - if not it's fixed :)
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu04-26-06
Re: Total button not working
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Originally posted by Tupsi when i hit the anvil symbol in the total row i dont get "both" repaired, in fact i get non, the window closes but nothing is repaired. I have to reclick the vendor and select the icon in the equipment row in order to get stuff repaired. I get this too, altho it does repair inventory it seems, but not...