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File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-09-11
Reverse Bar Direction
Posted By: Dragonmaster0283
Am I just not seeing it in the options but I don't see anywhere where you can have the bar deplete in a reverse direction (From Left to Right instead of the standard right to left). The UI I'm working on has plans for the Player and Pet Bars to Deplete in the opposite direction and I can't seem to find the option to do so. If the...
File: Broker_StatsNow10-29-09
One thing i've noticed, Right now...
Posted By: Dragonmaster0283
One thing i've noticed, Right now its only using the White Value for both AP and RAP and ignoring the Green bonus values. Example, I have 2731 + 2979 = 5710 RAP. Your addon only displays the 2731 and not the total 5710.