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File: ncUI12-14-09
Can't wait
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Can't wait to see the updated version, I barely got a chance to look at it before 3.3 came out. I did browse it post patch and I absolutely love how you set it up as one individual addon. One thing I disliked about it though was that it auto-adjusted my UI scale down to the minimum. I could barely make out the base blizzard pan...
File: PvEFrames09-01-09
edit: Man I should learn to read fi...
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edit: Man I should learn to read first, just saw your warning about the /targetexact function. Please disregard the rest of this post Hi! I tried this addon in H nexus last night and it glitched on me. Tank marked up the mobs skull and X and pve frames showed them as expected, but after skull was down I clicked the pveframe fo...