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File: cargBags_Gnomed04-08-10
Originally posted by vertigo1980...
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Originally posted by vertigo1980 Also happens after using the bank, closing it, then crafting something. Also when I use the bank, closing it, then mounting up. thanks that was it - how do i move the bag windows - they seem frozen
File: cargBags_gUI04-02-10
Hi - i cannot seem to get the addon...
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Hi - i cannot seem to get the addon to run - it just loads my old default bags - worked fine until 3.3.3 Is there something i nede to do to 'turn it on'?
File: cargBags_Gnomed04-02-10
Hi - post patch 3.3.3 i cannot get...
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Hi - post patch 3.3.3 i cannot get it to work - I have the cargbags addon from this site as well as this file (cargbags gnomed) and (cargbags pernoblis) It says dependency out of date and i can only bring up wow default bags - any help? Post the patch i reloaded allt he files into my interface folder. ty
File: cargBags04-02-10
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doesn't seem to be working now after te last small patch - is anyone getting it to work? I hate all the other bag mods that make me set my own rules! I was using gnomon.
File: RoguePowerBars03-30-10
thanks herias
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thanks herias
File: DamageMeters03-30-10
cant get it to work post most recent patch
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any help?
File: cargBags08-23-09
Having some problems
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Hi, I had this addon prior to 3.2 and it worked great (really nice addon) Since 3.2 it has not worked. Idumped my old copy, downloaded the new version and d/l the 3.2 Gnomed. On boot up I checked cargbags and gnomed However - nothing. Still have the default bag setup is there a slash command I need to turn on cargags?...