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File: Event Horizon - Death Knight Module09-02-09
Posted By: Tyno
Sorry about the long time to update, Uni work needed to be done. 1. Will do. 2. Done. 3. I have arranged spells in the order of priority, my DK is not 80 so I am not sure what it should look like. 4. Yeah hysteria dot is not needed, I use death coil a lot but if the dot is not being tracked I don't think it needs to be on...
File: StatsLinker v3.108-25-09
Sounds useful since I pug everythin...
Posted By: Tyno
Sounds useful since I pug everything, would it be able to say if you hit capped for specials and expertise capped, coming from melee dps perspective? And linking achievements would take a bit of work I would think since the addon doesn't know where you are trying to do get an invite for.
File: Event Horizon - Death Knight Module08-25-09
Add or Remove Spells
Posted By: Tyno
If you want me to change any of the spells around or add ones that aren't there here would be the place to ask, though if you want to try its not hard to change it yourself in the config.lua there is a list of spells so you can add and remove whatever you like. I take no credit for EventHorizon or any other modules made for it, I jus...
File: EventHorizon08-25-09
I've attempted to make a DK module,...
Posted By: Tyno
I've attempted to make a DK module, with all their CD's talents and what not I used the rogue config and .toc as the basis for the DK module. I am interested in updating this addon but don't have any experience using coding in lua, I have done a little in python and pascal though. 2nd Edit: Got a decent red for DK so nvm.