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File: PitBull 3.009-06-09
Originally posted by Alceste I'm...
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Originally posted by Alceste I'm having an issue where right-clicking on my unit bar or my target's unit bar brings up Pitbull's options menu instead of the usual right-click context menu. It's vaguely irritating, as that's how you leave a group, set loot threshold and other things of that nature. Sure, I can work around it with...
File: oUF_Nivaya09-05-09
Health/Mana Values
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First of all great frames, been using them ever since I started looking into UI's. :) I would love one thing though, is there a way to edit the LUA to show the full health/mana values of your character, target, etc? As a healer I like knowing EXACTLY how much mana I have, rather than an amount rounded to the nearest thousand, but I k...