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File: Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA)03-13-15
I've been hoping someone would make...
Posted By: Thorinair
I've been hoping someone would make one of these. Saves me having to do it. I can help plug some of the data holes as I have a Forge and a War Mill. I'll test those tonight. Awesome man! I really appreciate that! :D
File: Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA)12-09-14
Missing Trading Post
Posted By: Thorinair
Moments after submitting the AddOn, I found out that the Trading Post has work orders too. Expect it to be added in version 0.9.1. Sorry for any inconvenience. EDIT: Version 0.9.1 submitted. EDIT 2: Version 0.9.1 out - Trading Post added.
File: AudioX II09-02-09
UI is done!
Posted By: Thorinair
I have finished making the UI, it is quite simple for now, but I'm sure it will do! here is the screenshot: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1739027/Addons/AudioX/ss_ingame.jpg More info about the screenshot is in the PM I have sent to you. :) Here is the file: AudioX.zip Don't forget to read the text file "READ.txt" in the z...
File: AudioX II08-31-09
Omg, this addon is AWSOME! Now I...
Posted By: Thorinair
Omg, this addon is AWSOME! Now I can finally return to the good old days in BT and other instances... :banana: Just a thought: Would be great if this addon had a UI :) EDIT: 4258 <3