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File: QuestHelper09-04-09
Ok one more thing
Posted By: ryu101
I have vista and i know how to install it and put it in the interface/addons folder but yet it still doesnt show up in my add ons selection is it becasue i have WowMatrix?
File: QuestHelper09-03-09
Error need help plz
Posted By: ryu101
msg: ...terface\AddOns\QuestHelper\AstrolabeQH\Astrolabe.lua:1780: attempt to call global 'GetVirtualMapZones' (a nil value) toc: 0.106 v: 0.106 game: 3.2.0 locale: enUS timestamp: 2009-09-03 22:04:37 mutation: nil silent: nil : in function `GetVirtualMapZones' ...terface\AddOns\QuestHelper\AstrolabeQH\Astrolabe.lua:1780:...