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File: xCT08-27-11
DK strangulate/mind freeze makes my wowclient freeze.
Posted By: zamedi
Since it freeze, i cant get any lua errors. I use qul UI and mono actionbars as well. Happy to provide more info if needed, Really hope it can be solved, xct is the perfect cbt text addon imo. I play hunter, shammy, warlock as well, but i havent seen anything similar. I switched font back to standard font and it seems to work. At...
File: Qulight UI01-05-11
Moving player and target frames.
Posted By: zamedi
First of all, i want to thank for an excellent compilation. I have a problem with moving player and targetframes, ive been trying both changing in uf/core.lua self:SetActiveStyle("Player") local player = self:Spawn("player", "oUF_Player") player:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", UIParent, "BOTTOM", -210, 380) self:SetActiveStyle("Targ...