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File: tomQuest205-23-09
Originally posted by Arkive I hav...
Posted By: Adahma
Originally posted by Arkive I have no idea why, but out of nowhere, I can no longer toggle my QuestTracker closed using the keybinding. It opens fine, but won't close. I've diabled every mod, reset my savedvariables...really not sure what's up, but even having done that, I'm having a hard time blaming tq2 since I'm pretty sure th...
File: SmartBuff03-25-08
Speaking of SmartDeBuff..
Posted By: Adahma
I gathered from the text on description that the SmartBuff addon was all inclusive now, but only see the base smartbuff. Do I still need to d/l SmartDeBuff separately to enjoy it's functionality?
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu08-20-06
Wrong File??
Posted By: Adahma
I see the news of an update, but I am still getting an old file if I download... Thx, Adahma
File: CastProgress 207-05-06
Ditto here. Like the new look MUCH...
Posted By: Adahma
Ditto here. Like the new look MUCH better then the old default. Any chance that an option could be added to turn the bar vertical? Nice work, thanks! Adahma
File: NotesUNeed06-16-06
WoW Crashes
Posted By: Adahma
Just started using Notes'U'Need and have 4.12.10000 installed. When I first loginto WoW everything seems to go fine, but once I have a character logged in, if I try to logout, exit, or even reloadUI, WoW completely crashes. If I disable Notes'U'Need the problem does not occur. Any ideas? TIA, Adahma