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File: Sell Grey & Repair - One AddON does it all.08-15-14
Is there a reason for some of your...
Posted By: Rilgamon
Is there a reason for some of your functions to be globals? Their names are quite generic and could cause trouble. (SellGreyEvent, AutoRepairFromBank, AutoRepair, AutoRepairOwnFirst, DoRepair, SGRStatus, Sound_Off)
File: zz_Infoclock07-25-14
Re: Latency String
Posted By: Rilgamon
Just started using the addon and found that %local wasn't working correctly for latency. I checked the code and found that line 79 had l = l:gsub("%%local", l) instead of l = l:gsub("%%local", h) After making that change in my copy it looks to be working correctly. Thank you for reporting :) Never noticed because latency displayed...
File: zz_Money02-27-14
Message: ..\AddOns\zz_Money\
Posted By: Rilgamon
Message: ..\AddOns\zz_Money\core.lua line 125: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'incoming' (a nil value) Grrr ... had turned around the logic and forgot that turning around no longer makes sure the value is not undefinded ... fix is on the way.
File: zz_Money02-26-14
So far I've encountered one bug tha...
Posted By: Rilgamon
So far I've encountered one bug that sends the wrong amount after another char already sent money. I'll dig a little deeper and test longer before pushing an update. Edit: Updates are pending here and over at curse. Could you please test if this helps?
File: zz_Money02-24-14
Re: Broken
Posted By: Rilgamon
Don't know what happened , but its not working for me anymore , I have gold limit set at 11k and my toon has 30K+ and the bag wants to send 183g to my banker , I've deleted the addon and sv , re-installed from wow interface and even tried reverting to .38 version and nothing. Maybe something changed with the newest patch. If you have...
File: zz_Money02-17-14
I'm in a busy week and weekend so d...
Posted By: Rilgamon
I'm in a busy week and weekend so dont hold your breath ... I'll look into it asap.Now, this addon is almost perfect. did you intentionally leave the shortening out of the tooltip, or could you have it apply there as well? This was intentionally. But will improve on this. Since the values will be different for different play-styles...
File: zz_Money02-15-14
Re: Alt not sending gold to Banker.
Posted By: Rilgamon
I've tried back and forth to trigger such error. But here it sends the money ok. I've not changed much in the money routines lately. So not sure where this error could come from. New version is pending here and over at curse.
File: zz_Money02-13-14
Re: Curse
Posted By: Rilgamon
The version of curse is older than this on on WowInterface. Yes, was really a busy week. I'll have a few hours this weekend. Hope I can implement the shortening quickly and upload the next version here and over at curse.
File: zz_Money02-03-14
I'm in a busy week and weekend so d...
Posted By: Rilgamon
I'm in a busy week and weekend so dont hold your breath ... I'll look into it asap.
File: zz_Money02-01-14
Damn, I really forgot to push it li...
Posted By: Rilgamon
Damn, I really forgot to push it live. Can you test it if it does what you want, please? Updated BrokerPack and Money are pending.
File: zz_Money01-31-14
Re: Change Request for Banker Functionality
Posted By: Rilgamon
When the banker sends gold to a toon by using the blue button on the Send Mail frame, closes the mailbox and then re-opens it before the receiving toon has received the gold, the addon will show to send gold again to that toon. I'd like for the addon to not do that. I have lot's of alts and it gets confusing. I might send gold to...
File: zz_Mailbox12-17-13
The mailbox functions are slow. It...
Posted By: Rilgamon
The mailbox functions are slow. It takes a while until they refresh. I cant know when the refresh happens. So there is no way for me to offer better display. You'll notice the same behaviour with the standard mail on your minimap. Sometimes it stays there for a while even after the box is empty.
File: Broker Pack11-09-13
Re: Banker
Posted By: Rilgamon
Updates are pending for both standalone and brokerpack. It will take a little time to implement your idea. Depends on how much free time I can find. Thank you for your idea and bugreport :)
File: Broker Pack11-06-13
Re: LUA Error
Posted By: Rilgamon
While hover my mouse over the Infoclock display, I get: 1x BrokerPack\zz_Infoclock\core.lua:122: attempt to index local "tip" (a nil value) BrokerPack\zz_Infoclock\core.lua:122: in function BrokerPack\zz_Infoclock\core.lua:226: in function Locals: se...
File: zz_Money10-31-13
Re: Problem with newest update
Posted By: Rilgamon
Updated to the newest version 50400.34 and now I get this error message once I hover the mouse over zz_Money in my ChocolateBar: 13x zz_Money\core.lua:254: attempt to index local "tip" (a nil value) Hmm, I'll recheck with ChocolateBar. Edit: Please check version 50400.35 which is pending I forgot to remove the old clumsy to...
File: zz_Worldboss10-10-13
Uploaded an experimental version (...
Posted By: Rilgamon
Uploaded an experimental version ( while still marked as release ;) ) with the new bosses and added a new feature to allow worldmap to display pins. First use are the timeless isle chests you'll see on the worldmap. There is no config yet for editing or adding such quests yourself. No config yet to disable chest display and you sh...
File: MadeBy09-15-13
Ahh ok, well thank you for looking...
Posted By: Rilgamon
Ahh ok, well thank you for looking into it, this has been hands down one of the most useful addons I use on a continuous basis and I am reaaaally missing it. I don't always use it to link my profs to people but I do use it to quickly reference my other toons' professions and the like. Keep up the fantastic work on your addon! I'm al...
File: zz_Worldboss09-14-13
I've not yet found time to prepare...
Posted By: Rilgamon
I've not yet found time to prepare an update. So far I found the following weekly quests 33117 = Celestials 33118 = Ordo 33233 = CTA LFR (not weekly) The complete list of weekly quests I'd like to know is this: ;);cr=8;crs=1;crv=50300
File: MadeBy09-14-13
Dridzt pointed me to a discussion o...
Posted By: Rilgamon
Dridzt pointed me to a discussion on wowace. Seems atm you cant link professions of alts as they were not logged in during this session. He got a blue answer: "We are aware of this issue. I currently do not have an eta for a fix but I will update you as I get more information."
File: MadeBy09-14-13
hmmm, seems something changed in th...
Posted By: Rilgamon
hmmm, seems something changed in the way you can post links. I dont see why it does not work. I'll try a post in the forum to see if someone knows if this is a mistake in the way I do it, a bug or a feature ;)
File: MadeBy09-13-13
Re: 5.4 issues
Posted By: Rilgamon
So was working fine for me up until 5.4, now when I click on the icon in the Titan Panel box it brings up the general interface options window (close and reopen brings up MadeBy window), but it wont bring up any professions from any toons I am not currently on. It repeats whatever the most recent profession was on my current toon. Le...
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update09-07-13
~snip~ Logging through my chars on...
Posted By: Rilgamon
~snip~ Logging through my chars on one this error came up .. Can you give me a little bit of info on the one character that that did come up for? Character's level, and spec information. testing showed that the error comes up when a char only has one spec.
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update09-06-13
1x TidyPlates_ThreatPlates-7.001-Al...
Posted By: Rilgamon
1x TidyPlates_ThreatPlates-7.001-Alpha\Init.lua:48: Usage: GetSpecializationInfo(specIndex]) TidyPlates_ThreatPlates-7.001-Alpha\Init.lua:48: in function "SpecZInfo" TidyPlates_ThreatPlates-7.001-Alpha\Core.lua:1372: in function "SetSpecInfo" TidyPlates_ThreatPlates-7.001-Alpha\Core.lua:1435: in function "StartUp" Ti...
File: zz_Worldboss05-08-13
Sorry, we have to wait for blizzard...
Posted By: Rilgamon
Sorry, we have to wait for blizzard to add a fix. There are 4 weekly quests and "normally" it was expected that the 4 outdoor bosses would be represented by them. Blizzard used the first two for the first bosses and the other two are completed by killing nalak. No quest is marked by killing oondasta.
File: zz_Worldboss04-25-13
Can someone check this too?Just kil...
Posted By: Rilgamon
Can someone check this too?Just killing Nalak before Oondasta will create enough proofs.Sry, took a while. My server is small and I'm not in a big guild. But it true. Killing Nalak marks both quests for the week.