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File: Ara Broker Tradeskills02-05-11
Is there a way to remove a tradeski...
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Is there a way to remove a tradeskill from an alt's list (without just deleting the saved variables file and starting over)? I started levelling a goblin priest, and picked up enchanting and mining. I planned to gather some ore and gems and then drop mining for jewelcrafting and powerlevel it (as I have three other miners already...
File: TinyPad10-14-10
Originally posted by evl I packed...
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Originally posted by evl I packed up a fixed version for 4.0.1 here: http://dump.no/files/f1fe8d3941e5/evl_TinyPad.zip Your fix works perfectly! Thanks for posting it, Evl!
File: TinyPad10-13-10
Re: 4.0.1
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Originally posted by Chasim Throws an error in 4.0.1 (will try to post later) and, although it is still usable, the note background is now white (not black) so it's very hard to see. Confirmed, me too. Hopefully the mod author is still updating this mod.. this is my favorite notepad mod! EDIT: Here's the error I get: Dat...
File: Capping09-12-09
Re: Re: AV Timers problem
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Originally posted by totalpackage It could be another addon, maybe something that messes with the world map. Also make sure you can see script errors. Hm, well at first I tried disabling Prat, thinking that maybe Capping got its info from the chat log, but that didn't help. Based on your above comment, I tried disabling Ca...
File: Capping09-11-09
AV Timers problem
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Hi there - I didn't see my problem in this thread, so I'm not sure if I'm the only one having it (which would imply that it's due to one of my other mods?). Anyway, I've been using Capping for awhile - it's great. But lately the timers in AV have been going a bit wonky. Example: AV starts, Alliance cap Snowfall GY and...