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File: iTargetingFrames08-24-16
Might there be a way to get this to...
Posted By: Ironi
Might there be a way to get this to work with friendly health bars? I'd love to be able to easily heal other players in world events that I'm not partied with! Disable "Only show enemies" under frame options and iTF will show both, friendly and hostile units, assuming you have them friendly & hostile nameplates on :)
File: iTargetingFrames08-13-16
I'm getting error after pasting in...
Posted By: Ironi
I'm getting error after pasting in the code you provided: :9: unexpected symbol near "return true, {1,1,1,1}" (Heres a link in case I misread the text, the letters are so tiny: http://prnt.sc/c5clyu ) I have absolutely no knowledge about codes to correct it myself. Would appreciate any help because that code would be extremely he...
File: iTargetingFrames08-11-16
Is there a way to limit the number...
Posted By: Ironi
Is there a way to limit the number of frames? Would be pretty useful for things like tyrant trash where you could have 30 nameplates up at once. currently no, and i won't add an option for it before i figure out a nice way to 1) refresh the units or 2) dynamically show the existing units if i were to add it now it would be confusin...
File: iTargetingFrames08-06-16
Fantastic addon! I would love an in...
Posted By: Ironi
Fantastic addon! I would love an indicator for units below certain hp percentage for execute skills. With compact layout, hp frame is already hardly visible with auras icons on, so additional frame/border colouring trigered on certain hp % would help a lot. Also circular progress of Auras instead of numeric would be much easier to...
File: DJBags07-31-16
hey, i wanted to try your addon and...
Posted By: Ironi
hey, i wanted to try your addon and when the slashCmds didn't work after some checking the lua files i noticed that your slashcmds in the descriptions are missleading/incorrect, /db doesn't exists becouse you didn't add it and /djbags doesn't work becouse there is a typo in the lua file core.lua, line 56: SLASH_DJBAGS1, SLASH_DJBAG...
File: iTargetingFrames07-20-16
Re: Great addon
Posted By: Ironi
Would be nice to have a testing view, where you could see mock frames and such so you could configure the look of the addon without needing to be in a group/raid. Otherwise, great work. thanks, if you want to configure the indicators, easiest way is to go near dummies in garrison or in a city, but if you want to spawn fair amount...
File: DagAssist03-19-13
Strata bug(?)
Posted By: Ironi
for some reason after 5.2 patch DA_Minimap stays at background level http://ironi.fi/da.jpg
File: APT (alternate power text)10-27-11
Re: DK
Posted By: Ironi
Originally posted by unstoppixel Not showing up at all for me as a DK (only shows up in config mode) :confused: where did you test it and did you get any errors?
File: APT (alternate power text)02-13-11
Originally posted by Artifact Whe...
Posted By: Ironi
Originally posted by Artifact When I unlock the addon I can't drag it. I see the grey box around it, but no amount of pulling/pushing/cussing/biting makes it move. it's now fixed on the latest version(atleast i don't find a way to bug it anymore), if it continues to bug, please report it =)
File: dMinimap 310-24-10
on the newest version middle mouse...
Posted By: Ironi
on the newest version middle mouse click opens calendar and right click opens tracking meny, easy to fix but still. any chance you would add the option for changing border textures without huge effort to mess up the code? ;)