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File: DagAssist03-19-13
Strata bug(?)
Posted By: Ironi
for some reason after 5.2 patch DA_Minimap stays at background level http://ironi.fi/da.jpg
File: APT (alternate power text)10-27-11
Re: DK
Posted By: Ironi
Originally posted by unstoppixel Not showing up at all for me as a DK (only shows up in config mode) :confused: where did you test it and did you get any errors?
File: APT (alternate power text)02-13-11
Originally posted by Artifact Whe...
Posted By: Ironi
Originally posted by Artifact When I unlock the addon I can't drag it. I see the grey box around it, but no amount of pulling/pushing/cussing/biting makes it move. it's now fixed on the latest version(atleast i don't find a way to bug it anymore), if it continues to bug, please report it =)
File: dMinimap 310-24-10
on the newest version middle mouse...
Posted By: Ironi
on the newest version middle mouse click opens calendar and right click opens tracking meny, easy to fix but still. any chance you would add the option for changing border textures without huge effort to mess up the code? ;)