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File: Dominos06-17-15
The Keybind text on bars
Posted By: Lady Pickle
Can you point me in the direction of how to move the key bind text on each bar? I found how to turn it on but it shows just over each key instead of on it. Thanks!
File: DrGlenn's Aion UI06-16-15
I just realized that the level indi...
Posted By: Lady Pickle
I just realized that the level indicator next to the player portrait doesn't display 3 digits (as in, when you reach lvl 100). This is caused by the level indicator text area not being wide enough. I didn't realize this was a problem until now because I don't have any level 100 characters ;):p:banana: You can fix it easily by going...
File: SnailUI06-10-15
Action Bars
Posted By: Lady Pickle
Please help with keybinding for this UI? Thanks in advance
File: OPie10-13-12
Druid Shapeshift
Posted By: Lady Pickle
While out in Pandaria, how do I get Opie to select a specific ground mount in the default druid shapeshifting ring. It is picking the armoured blue windrider by default. When I looked at the macro it does not specify any land mount but it also does not pick travel form either. Help?
File: JHero's addon compilation07-11-12
May I ask what the mod you are usin...
Posted By: Lady Pickle
May I ask what the mod you are using to show the cardinal directions across the top part of the screen?
File: Roth UI (Diablo)03-18-10
Comment out the party spawn, thats...
Posted By: Lady Pickle
Comment out the party spawn, thats basically everything you need to do. That would be this starting from ~line 1336 in oUF_D3Orbs.lua local oUF_D3Orbs_PartyDragFrame = CreateFrame("Frame","oUF_D3Orbs_PartyDragFrame",UIParent) oUF_D3Orbs_PartyDragFrame:SetWidth(80) oUF_D3Orbs_PartyDragFrame:SetHeight(100) if lock_all_frame...
File: nUI_CoolAzure Layout03-10-10
Originally posted by JMJuliet2003...
Posted By: Lady Pickle
Originally posted by JMJuliet2003 Is there anyway to either completely shade in the bottom or completely make it translucent? Love the skin except for that though! :D This would be wonderful. I have to say that this is my absolute favorite skin for nUI. Thanks for your work =D
File: nUI_CoolAzure Layout03-07-10
When I downloaded this it was only...
Posted By: Lady Pickle
When I downloaded this it was only a .rar file. Is this supposed to be this way?