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File: ExtraBar08-30-09
Keybindings + buttofacade support =...
Posted By: Fess
Keybindings + buttofacade support = awesomeness. Thanks!
File: BarKeep_BarFader08-30-09
Bug on vehicle exit
Posted By: Fess
The mod seems to bug every time I exit a vehicle by hiding the bars that are set to be always visible in options. Checking and unchecking the option fixes it, but I have to keep doing every time. Other that, a great little addon - thanks!
File: ExtraBar08-24-09
Brilliant addon, small and simple....
Posted By: Fess
Brilliant addon, small and simple. Thank you very much. The only thing I'm missing personally is the keybinding support on the new bar. Is there any way this could work?
File: FuBar 3.6.508-11-06
I use the svn version and get the s...
Posted By: Fess
I use the svn version and get the same error with FuBar-compat 1.2 enabled. While using only 2.0-compatible plugins I get no errors though. /wave Aastarius btw, Sylv here ;)