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File: Quenios UI05-03-11
Could you upload the latest version...
Posted By: Gnorc
Could you upload the latest version of your ui from your sinestra/nefarian kill vids?
File: Threat Plates03-06-11
Could any one tell me why cast bars...
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Could any one tell me why cast bars don't show on my Threat Plates? Never have done, even when disabling all addons but threat plates. And yes I enabled them in options. Also tried re-installing.
File: DevlinUI10-21-10
Originally posted by Geisterfell...
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Originally posted by Geisterfell Hi guys, first of all I would say I love your UI, Devlin! I've been using it for years. However, I now have a problem. If I install your UI, I can not login into the game more. it loads up the bar is full, then nothing happens. I found disabling Power Auras fixed this. If that doesn't work tr...