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File: AuctionLite10-15-14
Re: Update?
Posted By: puffidredz
Will this bis updated for 6.0 and WoD? Its already outdated currently because you still can't sell pet cages without problems :( its not complete so it will still show as out of date, but dev is working on it atm. jus have to keep checking the site until final release is uploaded. can dl version still in the works here can dl fro...
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION10-01-14
Re: Doesn't Show Mining Nodes
Posted By: puffidredz
Doesn't show mining nodes from Gatherer or Gathermate. Only shows the nodes I mine, after I've mined them. apparently the Gathermate import doesn't work for this. was able to resolve by downloading Gathermate2Data addon for Carbonite http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=22789
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION09-30-14
Doesn't Show Mining Nodes
Posted By: puffidredz
Doesn't show mining nodes from Gatherer or Gathermate. Only shows the nodes I mine, after I've mined them.
File: TB Assimilator11-29-12
getting lui errors Message: ...A...
Posted By: puffidredz
getting lui errors Message: ...AceGUI-3.0\widgets\AceGUIWidget-MultiLineEditBox.lua:265: CreateFrame(): Couldn't find inherited node "UIPanelButtonTemplate2" Time: 11/29/12 14:27:31 Count: 1 Stack: : ? ...AceGUI-3.0\widgets\AceGUIWidget-MultiLineEditBox.lua:265: in function `?' ...AddOns\TB_Assimilator\Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-...
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version10-25-12
Bouncing animation
Posted By: puffidredz
addon has been working fine on all my toons, including my monk. great job. but i had a question. is there a way to add a "bouncing" animation? for example when i choose an image for my power aura spell, under animations > main animations, i'd like to have the image bounce up and down. is there a way i can add that or is this somethin...
File: LUI v301-20-12
Re: Alot gone wrong.
Posted By: puffidredz
Yeah ive used Lui for a long time now and ive noticed alot of things not showing up at all, the CD bar gone, the settings say its there and ive restored default/ reinstalled addon multiple times, also the dot timer about the player UI is not showing up the buffs off/on switch sides that is resloved with the /reload ui, the bagon addo...
File: LUI v310-26-11
no the url has only changed a milli...
Posted By: puffidredz
no the url has only changed a million times. the new one is http://lui.maydia.org/ Originally posted by Bornabe I can't seem to get to the wow-lui.com web site anymore, is it down?
File: LUI v310-22-11
Re: Extras
Posted By: puffidredz
looks like its not there anymore. i had it with previous versions tho Originally posted by Nightfang Am I the only one not finding an Extras folder in the downloaded zipfile? Where is this "Extras" folder that is talked about in the description?
File: LUI v309-02-11
all u have to do is edit the Y offs...
Posted By: puffidredz
all u have to do is edit the Y offsets under "background texture" in LUI options > Frames > DPS Originally posted by Soulslayer9731 http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg18/Soulslayer9731/WoWScrnShot_090211_000455.jpg Is there anyway I can edit the LUA or even in game stuff to make skada inside the box? I have tried to tweak S...
File: LUI v308-16-11
Re: I tried it and regret it.
Posted By: puffidredz
I wouldnt jus brush LUI that quick bro. I've been using it for over a year and very happy with it; hard to go to something else. Its going to take a while until you get ur setup the way you want because it's new to you and you don't know what you're doing. I felt overwhelmed when I first got it too and now I know where everything is...
File: ForteXorcist08-13-11
Spelltimer showing dots on all targets
Posted By: puffidredz
on spelltimer, is there a way to show all my dots on all targets and not jus when i mousover or target them? playing a dk and want to see all diseased targets my pestilence has spread to.
File: LUI v308-09-11
Re: Random freeze
Posted By: puffidredz
Originally posted by D-Bag I experience random freezes for 10-20 seconds when using LUi after the last update. When i disable it, no freezes. Anyone else having this problem (or a fix)? nope. havent had that problem from lui in months. when that problem was happening though it turned out to be one of the info text modules. btw,...
File: LUI v306-28-11
Originally posted by cerbul I kno...
Posted By: puffidredz
Originally posted by cerbul I know I should provide more info but I have absolutely no idea how to explain it better or to give more details. Here is what happens: I enabled LUI with all his modules and what I get is sort of casting lag, that happens in combat, and seems to have a behavior similar to when you got server lag. If I d...
File: LUI v306-25-11
maybe he jus unlocked it to get it...
Posted By: puffidredz
maybe he jus unlocked it to get it out to more people that the site isnt dead because i know for me it was about 3 weeks before i found out the url was just different and had the comments section been open i'm sure i woulda found out much sooner. also a new update for LUI went out a few days ago as well as another update for ForteXor...
File: LUI v310-25-10
Re: Re: LUI DID NOT BREAK WITH 4.0.1 Take a Look.
Posted By: puffidredz
Originally posted by Vaelerath LUI (current version) works (has since 4.0.1 Patch) at about 90%.... Good enough for me.... Updated all addons via Curse Client and manually where that wasn't possible.... Looking forward to V3.3! ***************** lui "works" for me too since i already had the addon installed all i did...
File: LUI v310-25-10
Originally posted by alan120880 L...
Posted By: puffidredz
Originally posted by alan120880 Lower your ui scale, after about 20% it removes them anyway. mine has no gryphons. its already at the lowest possible. the gryphons are still there. it may be dependent on type of video card and resolution. i have my resolution at 1680x1050 (wide) which is my highest.
File: LUI v310-25-10
TBH I have found that the standard...
Posted By: puffidredz
TBH I have found that the standard UI is not as bad as I remember once you add a few minor tweaks. yea i've been able to get the default ui working for me to my surprise too. i havent used it since the last xpac and there have definately been a lot of improvements for the better. they just need to get rid of those stupid griffins...
File: LUI v310-24-10
Originally posted by loui To make...
Posted By: puffidredz
Originally posted by loui To make things clear... again. LUI v3.3 or LUI v3.3 Beta will be released within the next days. LUI v4 will be released once its done which should be 1st / 2nd quarter 2011. Thanks for the update, looking forward to it. I've been sitting silently reading the posts for the last few days. Some of...
File: DoTimerFanFix11-06-09
Re: Re: Not recording all dots
Posted By: puffidredz
Originally posted by JMHammer This is something you should take up with Asheyla when he returns from his hiatus, because what you are experiencing is due to the way DoTimer attempts to prevent "spamming" your interface with undesirable or unneeded timers ... Ok was wondering if it was a bug or was working as intended. Thx JM....
File: DoTimerFanFix10-30-09
Not recording all dots
Posted By: puffidredz
I have an unholy dk ive been using dotimer on. problem is when i cast pestlience to spread my dots to nearby targets within 15 yards, dot timer doesnt always show all my dotted targets. sometimes it shows them all, sometimes it doesnt. there does not seem to be any pattern, rhyme or reason to it, it just sporadically happens but more...