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File: I Interrupted That05-30-10
Due to personal problems I have not...
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Due to personal problems I have not been able to play wow . If anyone is willing to make suggested changes/fixes to my addons, feel free to submit it as a patch, but please e-mail me and let me know. :) Sorry. [email protected]
File: SLDataText04-08-10
A feature request: Could you consi...
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
A feature request: Could you consider adding font flags to modules? I like outlines. :) To the previous poster: /sldt Uncheck lock elements, click and drag.
File: femtoBuff02-03-10
:) Just wanted to say thanks. I was...
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:) Just wanted to say thanks. I was looking for a simpler buff mod, and this is definitely it! One suggestion: Add a place to set buffs per row?
File: I'd Check That!01-21-10
Haven't been able to reproduce any...
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
Haven't been able to reproduce any false reporting, other than saying offline players have no flask. Tested for about 4 hours straight, every 10 minutes, and checked after it every time.
File: Lootificator01-20-10
Re: Duplicate name
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Thanks for pointing that out! I guess I missed it.
File: Target For Me01-20-10
/targetexact Kenetic Bomb For p...
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/targetexact Kenetic Bomb For princes, please. XD
File: I Interrupted That01-20-10
Optimized Code
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Thanks :) This is really a big learning process for me, in general, and any help is good help.
File: I'd Check That!01-20-10
Originally posted by Kupotek Usin...
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
Originally posted by Kupotek Using the mod tonight, and /ch flask o shows people missing flasks who are not. What flasks were they wearing? I'll be able to check it out tomorrow.
File: I Interrupted That01-20-10
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:D Sure! /iit emote .. but it does some funny things to /iit msg, so I guess I'll fix that later. No big deal, because it doesn't really effect anything.
File: I Interrupted That01-17-10
Verbose output.
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Updated: Change Log: v3.3.3 - Verbose output toggle. => I Interrupted That: MobName's SpellLink. Interrupted: MobName's SpellLink.
File: I Interrupted That01-03-10
Originally posted by Limb0 I real...
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
Originally posted by Limb0 I really enjoy this addon, thank you. Similarly I changed the announce line to.. local intsaymsg = destName.. "'s " ..GetSpellLink(spellID).. " was interrupted." I would like to know if you had plans to include Dismantle to this, maybe even Blind. Thank you. For some reason I had mine as "Interr...
File: PlayerScore / GearScore12-31-09
I don't see a ticket system for bug...
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
I don't see a ticket system for bugs on your official site or here, so I'll just post this here for a few guildies. Apparently mousing over one guildie results in a lua error. Stack: Interface\AddOns\GearScore\GearScore.lua:505: in function `GearScore_GetQuality'Interface\AddOns\GearScore\GearScore.lua:600: in function
File: I Interrupted That12-31-09
Saved variables and slashy goodness...
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
Saved variables and slashy goodness. <3
File: ncChat12-28-09
Originally posted by nightcracker...
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Originally posted by nightcracker Copy I'm working on, but timestamps are a waste of valuable chat space and I'm never going to add them. I agree with needing Copy. Also: I <3 /tt. I'd never be able to live without it. This warrants a :banana: ;)
File: SLDataText12-27-09
I 'fixed' SLDT's zone text in SLDa...
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I 'fixed' SLDT's zone text in SLDataText\Elements\ZoneText.lua find this line and delete it. if ( MinimapToggleButton and not MinimapToggleButton:IsShown() ) then MinimapToggleButton:Show() end :) If you've found your reset gold button to still be broken then open your Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\SLdatatext.lua f...
File: ncError12-26-09
I'm in love with this.
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Just thought you should know. ;)
File: I Interrupted That12-26-09
Originally posted by Stanzilla He...
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Originally posted by Stanzilla Hey Elphie! I think you want to use ">=" instead of ">" for the raid/party checks. It doesn't include oneself, so a party with 2 people returns 1 and your check fails. thanks for the addon :) Thanks for pointing that out! ;) Done in my own version. As soon as I figure out saved variables, t...
File: I Interrupted That12-26-09
Slash Command
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Oh geez, it's a slash command! :) YAY!
File: I Interrupted That12-24-09
Re: Spellname
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Originally posted by Alamaa Sorry I did not test this addon yet but it looks awsome downloading now. But from the screenshot it looks like it dosnt report witch spell is interrupted. This could be very handy in pvp as my teammate would know if I kicked manaburn or flash heal so he know witch school is silenced. Could add this mysel...
File: I Interrupted That12-22-09
Say done.
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
And a TOC update.
File: hLFGReady12-13-09
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
Very nice, simple, and needed. One suggestion, as I've done it to my own, but maybe include the option to play a sound file?
File: TTell12-11-09
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
Works fine with 3.3
File: Tabbed Dungeon Browser (tabDB)12-11-09
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
Very nice. <3
File: Class Colors12-08-09
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
It appears 3.3 hasn't quite broken it, just made a lua error regarding LFMFrame_Update not existing appear on every reload/login. Commenting out lines 244-266 of ClassColorsBlizz.lua "fixes" it. :) -- if button:IsShown() then name, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, class = GetLFGResultsProxy(offset + i) if class the...
File: stText12-07-09
Originally posted by iradex Reall...
Posted By: ElphieRAWR
Originally posted by iradex Really nice! Good job, now you only need, maybe, the friends or guild show and it's will be perfect. Keep going!:banana: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info15223.html <<--