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File: Zookeeper01-29-11 /minipet change changes /mount also
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It seems the /minipet change also applies to /mount, breaking even your included mount macro. Mounting works fine, but one can no longer dismount via that macro as it just keeps summoning a new mount over and over. This obviously makes one button mount control...two buttons. ;) I've tried yours: /mount smart /disembark a...
File: ccComboPoints - 4.X Compatibilty Update01-08-11
Originally posted by Lemons224 We...
Posted By: avngr
Originally posted by Lemons224 Were there any enchancements made to the xml file or can I just paste in the old xml file from the previous version? There were compatibility changes to the xml file. If you previously made custom icon placements or something, you should be able to paste those in if you're careful or manually plu...
File: GoodNewsEveryone10-27-10
Regarding this addon vs. the new po...
Posted By: avngr
Regarding this addon vs. the new power auras, I easily see 3 clear advantages of GNE. 1. Duration. I think this directly speaks to the "procs to base a decision on" spirit of GNE. If I'm basing a decision on a proc, I like to know how much time I have to choose a given action and therefore where that action sits in priority....
File: Tabbed Dungeon Browser (tabDB)10-24-10
Just a note on icons not showing as...
Posted By: avngr
Just a note on icons not showing as in weasoug's comments. I was having the same issue (even with xplosive03's fan update). It turned out it was Skinner and disabling just the skinning of tabDB solved it (after a reloadui). Could this be your problem as well weasoug?
File: ItemRack10-17-10
Try to release as Patch
Posted By: avngr
Kharthus, Have you tried releasing your updated version here on WoWI as a patch to ItemRack? You don't need ownership of the original addon to do that and it doesn't stop the original author from coming back at a later date and continuing on the original. Dridzt previously released his ItemRack updates that way as well.
File: ccComboPoints - 4.X Compatibilty Update10-13-10
Yeah I expect I can fix it. I'll t...
Posted By: avngr
Yeah I expect I can fix it. I'll try to post it later today. --edit I took a rough shot at it and now the core function appears to be working. It didn't seem to be handling DP stacks properly when I briefly tested (always 1 behind I think), so I'll take a look at that later too.
File: ccComboPoints - 4.X Compatibilty Update09-30-10
Originally posted by Ashmani Will...
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Originally posted by Ashmani Will this still work once cataclysm comes out? Dunno. I'm not in the beta and haven't taken a look at this addon in ages as it has been working fine. I assume it will need some tweaking for Cataclysm, even if just for new poisons. If the original author doesn't return and I tweak it for myself,...
File: GatherSage206-05-10
Works great. Thanks for the fast f...
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Works great. Thanks for the fast fix! :)
File: GatherSage206-04-10
Hi. Thanks for updating. While it...
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Hi. Thanks for updating. While it did solve the error mentioned previously, it seems to have introduced a font issue on tooltips. I use TipTac. Starting when mousing over a gatherable item (ore, etc.), from that point on the first several lines of every tooltip are enlarged and bolded (including the GatherSage2 info line) as if...
File: PassLoot05-31-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: one thing missing?
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon I can tell, why not. Because it is increasing ambiguity, cluttering interface and essentially defeating the idea of this addon. It isn't doing any of those things. It would be one additional available rule, if the author of PassLoot even wanted to add it. PassLoot has 20 other modules and prese...
File: PassLoot05-30-10
Re: Re: one thing missing?
Posted By: avngr
Originally posted by AnrDaemon Erm... But honestly, why? PassLoot is already collecting this data on every roll event at line 226 in PassLoot.lua using GetLootRollItemInfo(RollID). I'm only asking to enable it as a filter. Filtering based on when Need is/isn't available seems within the scope of PassLoot considering it alre...
File: PassLoot05-28-10
one thing missing?
Posted By: avngr
I've just started using PassLoot and its very handy. One can come up with some pretty intricate rules. One thing I think is missing, although I could be mistaken, is a "Need-able" filter/module. I've read and reread the instructions/description and I'm still unable to find it. I would like to be able to manually roll on items...
File: ItemRack02-05-10
safer swapping
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I've altered my copy of ItemRack to use its existing queuing system for weapon slots as well, like it does for armor, so it will at least swap safely when combat ends. In ItemRack.lua, at line 75 in mine, I changed ItemRack.SlotInfo = { ...array stuff... } to: ItemRack.SlotInfo = { = { name="AmmoSlot", real="Ammo", INVTYPE_A...
File: CCBreaker (WotLK Fan Update)08-18-09
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thanks for updating this! just an FYI - there are a number of Ace3 libraries in your libs folder that the addon doesn't appear to use along with all of their Ace2 counterparts (which the addon does use). I'm not sure if you were starting a conversion and didn't continue or something, but the current addon probably doesn't need bo...
File: ccComboPoints - 4.X Compatibilty Update07-10-09
In this case, it is actually the XM...
Posted By: avngr
In this case, it is actually the XML that you would have to tinker with to alter the size. Open up ccComboPoints.xml and you'll find several lines tagged with x and y values in them starting with line 24. Lines 52, 57, and 65 also. Where x="32 y="32" you would change each of those to be say x="16" y="16" to halve the size...
File: ccComboPoints03-01-09
Re: Poison?
Posted By: avngr
Replacing the function "GetDeadlyPoisonPoints()" in the .lua with the following should allow it to work with any level of Deadly Poison. (Its the last function) function GetDeadlyPoisonPoints() for i=1, 16, 1 do local debuffName, debuffRank, debuffTexture, debuffApplications, debuffType = UnitDebuff("target", i); if not (...
File: OpenStuff08-17-08
nice job
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thanks for this addon. opening clams drives me crazy and I missed OpenClam. a container i've found to be missing is the "Scum Covered Bag". http://www.wowhead.com/?item=20767
File: FuBar 3.6.508-16-06
Re: Re: Re: Re: Libs
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Originally posted by Laslo Ace2 is in beta. I would suggest treating everything that is based on Ace2 in beta as well. Yes, right now, if a library changes and one mod gets updated right away and another doesn't, the one that doesn't may break. But once Ace2 is officially released, I'm sure the authors will be sure things like t...
File: FuBar 3.6.508-16-06
Re: Re: Libs
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Originally posted by Kyahx Most, if not all, FuBar plugins can be run without actually haveing FuBar installed. In order to do this they need the Tablet and FuBarPlugin librarys in the mod itself. Without FuBar running the FuBarPlugin library defaults them to a minimap button. Also don't be fooled by the size of the folders on...
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu07-14-06
looks good
Posted By: avngr
awesome Jayhawk. Looks nice. I'll have to check it out in game over the weekend. Thanks for the credit. One pre-use suggestion - consider adding a keybinding (feel free to take it from ProfessionsFu and change the appropriate text). Its minor but incredibly nice to have for multiple lockpicks, disenchants, fishing, etc. :)
File: FuBar - GroupFu06-09-06
I'm getting the same using the US c...
Posted By: avngr
I'm getting the same using the US client. Rolling back to 1.4.4 and restarting game clears it up. This seemed to happen here when being invited to a group, not when starting the group (leader). Originally posted by Gamefaq Interface\AddOns\FuBar_GroupFu\GroupFu.lua:493: attempt to index field `?' (a nil value) Getting t...