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File: NameScore01-16-10
Message: Interface\AddOns\NameScore...
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Message: Interface\AddOns\NameScore\NameScore.lua:113: bad argument #3 to 'gsub' (string/function/table expected) Time: 01/16/10 19:19:44 Count: 4 Stack: : in function `gsub' Interface\AddOns\NameScore\NameScore.lua:113: in function `CalculateScore' Interface\AddOns\NameScore\NameScore.lua:64: in function
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames12-06-05
Originally posted by Global i hav...
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Originally posted by Global i haven't used the default bliz target window in a long time. does the default one have some sort of civilian icon or something? No, actually they changed the mob that I had targeted. The wolf rider scout near the Warsong lumber mill used to be a civvie, but no longer. I did find a civilian later thou...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames12-03-05
I also noticed that there isn't any...
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I also noticed that there isn't anything in the target box to signify that you have a civilian targeted.
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames11-30-05
Awesome adaptation. I did discover...
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Awesome adaptation. I did discover this, though: http://www.noobschoolbus.com/wow/perlmod-tooltip.jpg Not sure if that's a bug with Perl or one of my other mods? I'd also voice that Target of Target be brought that, the mod you linked just isn't as good as the original Perl and it sure doesn't fit the color scheme!