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File: ArkInventory10-01-07
Per Row (adjusting window size) does not work for me...
Posted By: scout
I can't change the number of bags per row. The menu option 'per row' does nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!
File: Bartender305-30-07
Mirage Implementation of This Mod
Posted By: scout
So this mod replaced Trinity Bars in the Mirage UI collection and it's wonderful, but OMG PLEASE make a better SAVE PROFILE option!!!! I spent two hours setting up the buttons in two chrs only to go back to the first chr and have the same layout as the second chr. When I went to change the profile, it screwed the whole world up....
File: Outfitter12-26-06
Cannot stop boots from swapping!
Posted By: scout
I have some cheapo boots with spurs on them for when I wanna go faster... that's not all the time, so typically when mounted, I'd just want my epic boots on. However, whenever I mount, I can't stop the doggone Outfitter from putting the lowbie boots that have the spurs on them on my character. I even tried disabling the Riding outf...