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File: StellarBars05-17-11
new feature idea
Posted By: Cracka_Bob
love this addon but one thing I would like to see is an option for the bottom set of action bars where I can "snap to center" horizontally another thing (but not as needed) would be the option to keep the default blizzard action bar look (like the outlines around the buttons and even the gryphons) while still being able to move th...
File: Diablo 3 Orbs03-05-10
really like this, but i dont like t...
Posted By: Cracka_Bob
really like this, but i dont like that i have to get bartender... can anyone tell me how to move the orbs so that they are on the side of the default actionbar? so far, by looking through the files, ive found out how to move the orbs, but not the graphics or scale the background image like i want someone please help :(
File: Daviesh's Trap Frame09-21-09
Re: Re: First time user
Posted By: Cracka_Bob
can you make it so that we can resize it? also, make the traps "fade" when we dont have enough mana to use them