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File: CustomEmotes09-21-11
Re: Best addon ever!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by chadpuff This is one of my favorite mods ever but it saddens me that it hasnt had a update in a long time. Agreed, had a lot of fun with this in raids and groups. I miss it. :(
File: Skada Damage Meter10-21-10
Re: meters not matching
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Originally posted by kysneed so something is messed up with skada. just did saurfang, guild said i did 16k dps, they had recount, 3rd in guild, but skada said i did 13.5k, 10th in guild. skada also didnt have anybody over 16k for me, yet my 16k was 3rd on recount i know its skada, because half the time ill see magam totem, or fi...
File: Extra Bars09-24-09
Extra Bars was working perfectly be...
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Extra Bars was working perfectly before the patch. My husband and I both use it and neither of us had any problems whatsoever. As a hunter and a warrior, we did not have any abilities to change on the bars after the patch. We probably use about 6 macros each, all of which are on the standard bars, but many of which are rotated off...
File: Extra Bars09-23-09
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Love the addon, but have had to disable it after 3.2.2. as it seems to be causing my framerate to bottom out in combat. Please help me get my Extra bars back!! Thank you :)