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File: Caith UI11-23-09
Please come back
Posted By: Glittering
I miss this UI so bad, please come back and fix it for latest patch. I love your ui <3
File: Roth UI (Diablo)09-29-09
Broken party frames
Posted By: Glittering
Sometimes the party frames get kinda broken, and the face on the people in the party get really wierd and kinda scary. Also the focus target get that bugg. Any idea how to fix this?
File: Caith UI09-24-09
Hey, is the UI working in 3.2.2?...
Posted By: Glittering
Hey, is the UI working in 3.2.2? I had this UI in 3.1 but when 3.2 come it stopped working. Best Regards Glittering Resto druid