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File: MoveAnything10-15-10
Re: Re: Nice :)
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Originally posted by Wagthaa Watch out! That's exactly how I started using the addon in vanilla and after an expansion I was the developer! :p Sorry for any confusion regarding the name of the Totem Bar, it was renamed by mistake(well more an oversight than a mistake) and will be named "Shaman Totem Bar" in the "Class Specific"...
File: MoveAnything10-14-10
Nice :)
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First, let me just say that I found this addon yesterday and after playing with it last night on my druid, I'm really loving it. I spent easily an hour moving stuff around and seeing what was what. I'm sure I'll end up undoing what I've done so far and redoing it as I figure out exactly what I want to do. I do have a question/re...
File: Altoholic10-12-10
You RAWK!!
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I am addicted to Altoholic! I felt like I was missing an arm or something when I went to click on my Mug o' Ale and realized it wasn't there. Totally love this addon!!
File: WhatHappened07-06-10
Re: Weird little bug
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Originally posted by Innarra_THG The weird little bug is when the combatlog fails, which I've been told is a WoW bug. I've experienced it twice now on my shaman and my druid. I did get this addon to work again by updating the .toc file to the latest version (30300, I believe) and downloading the updated /lib folders from WoWAc...
File: WhatHappened06-23-10
Weird little bug
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Originally posted by Zlaire Should be coming any day now.. working on a weird little bug that happens under certain circumstances (no damage/healing is recorded, or most of it missing). Only happens when testing on my druid. As soon as I find and fix that I'll get the new version out. The weird little bug is when the com...
File: WhatHappened06-21-10
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Total bummer this seems to be dead...loved it :(
File: Omen Threat Meter12-24-09
Originally posted by nonretadin i...
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Originally posted by nonretadin is this updated for 3.3? or do i need a new threat addon? If you'll look at the box above the Download button on the addon info tab, it states "Works with 3.3". So yeah, it works with 3.3.