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File: Quick Auctions 305-08-10
I would like to comment that althou...
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I would like to comment that although using the cancel button to cancel undercut auctions does not cancel auctions with bids, the /qa cancel and I believe /qa cancelall do not check for bids. I often do a cancelall to refresh my glyphs to 12 hours in the morning before work or at night before going to bed. I would very much like...
File: Auctioneer03-25-10
Re: 3.3.3
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Originally posted by Nechckn Folks, Once again, there were some changes between what was on the PTR and what actually came down in the patch. Those issues have been addressed, and the beta is up for testing on our main site, at present. If you simply cannot wait, feel free to give that a go, via http://AuctioneerAddOn....