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File: Balance Power Tracker01-20-11
Awesome addon
Posted By: Eolsurion369
Very nice add on, thank you for all your work. It looks like BPT doesn't play well with Addon Switcher / Ampere. BPT modifies the Interface / Options UI. Maybe related to glyph issue documented. Keep up the awesome work =)
File: Fishing Buddy11-13-10
Re: Does not work for my Druid
Posted By: Eolsurion369
Originally posted by nuen I have a peculiar problem. All works for my Mage and Hunter, but not for my Druid. I deleted all fishing buddy files under WTF. I log into my Druid and equip pole. Then I try to change the settings and enable quickcast. I find I can't switch any tabs under options. If I unequip pole and try, I can ma...
File: Barbol's UI05-10-10
All good now
Posted By: Eolsurion369
I was able to download the files you had provided and work my way through modifiying for my resolution. Thanks for the great starting piont :):)
File: Barbol's UI05-07-10
AWESOME !!! Where do I get mine :)
Posted By: Eolsurion369
Wow that is such an awesome UI ... if you can make in 1280 x 1024 I would most appreiciative. One other question ... if possible it would be cool to have the "menu bar" (with charater, spellbook, talents and other buttons) on the left hand side mirroring the style of the repiar / gold bar on the right hand side of screen. If...
File: ArkInventory03-25-10
Posted By: Eolsurion369
To the developer ... If you make a change that is large enough to effect the whole way application runs (applies to whether a mod for wow or an windows front end to database back end for a coroporate client) (i.e. sorting and rules) YOU SHOULD OFFER A WAY TO PORT TO THE NEW CHANGES WITH OUT MAKING THE END USERS MANUALLY CHANGE EV...